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Feb 26, 2023

Michael Chu founded and operates Champion Development, where he helps people adjust their physical and emotional health while also growing their businesses. He supports health-related professionals in successfully moving to an online business model.


Michael practiced gratitude for many years, as a lot of people do.  He found that the error that he made and is most commonly made by others, is that in the practice of gratitude, one must actually feel grateful.  Without the feeling of appreciation, it is just the practice of going through the motions and isn’t authentic.


Growing up, Michael had many limiting beliefs and philosophies that he adopted but weren’t within his integrity.  He found that the way to heal was to move away from his hometown, the environment in which these limiting beliefs were created, so he could find healing.


Learn more about Michael and the services that he offers: for 3 free lessons for coaches with a business.


Or find him on Instagram: @championdevelopment

Guest Bio: Michael Chu is one of the best-kept secrets in the coaching industry. His  signature online programs for Health & Fitness Professionals revolutionize the lives of thousands of students worldwide with his groundbreaking LTV Method,


When he’s not preparing to compete in his next Martial Arts Championship, Michael is leading his Health & Wellness Academy and Champion Development Coaching Company teams to new levels of success with the thing he has become known for - creating scalable and predictable client relationships that last for years, not months.


He’s studied and competed in Martial Arts for over 30 years, trains in Karate, Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai, and has won 14 National Championship Medals. And he’s dedicated to consistently becoming a better leader and spends a lot of his time masterminding with some of the leading minds on leadership and business development.


As the CEO of five 7 figure businesses he regularly brings his down-to-earth lessons on entrepreneurship to his online community and email list that reaches over 50,000 people.


This proud #girldad loves his two daughters and celebrates their every moment with his fiancee Kayla - the love of his life. They’ve made their home in Austin, Texas and he loves spending time out on the water any chance he gets.



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