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Jun 9, 2019

What do you do when there is a problem affecting you or your loved one? Nikki Puzzo found a simple solution to make her daughter, Stella's, recovery from surgery more comfortable. She joined forces with longtime friend, Joanne DiCamillo to create a company around the amazing zipOns® adaptive pants.

Nikki Puzzo lives in Swampscott, MA with her two daughters Chloe and Stella, and their dog Benji. Joanne DiCamillo also lives in Swampscott with her daughter Mia and chihuahuas Junie and Nuggie. Nikki runs a nonprofit called Stepping Stones for Stella, which donates all-terrain
buggies to children with disabilities. Together, Nikki and Joanne formed befree, LLC and are the creators of zipOns® patented adaptive pants. They were inspired by Nikki’s daughter Stella, who has cerebral palsy. Her challenges and struggles with dressing and undressing highlighted the lack of inclusive fashion available to meet the needs of the differently abled.

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