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Aug 9, 2020

Dr. Appiah is a native from Wisconsin, born in Chicago IL to immigrant parents from Nigeria. She attended Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC under the "Joseph G. Gordon" Scholarship", where she studied Biology and Chemistry.  She earned her medical degree from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in 2015 and then completed her internal medicine residency training at Loyola University, Chicago, IL where she was appointed a research scholar and developed a curriculum for medical student education. Dr. Appiah is currently pursuing a nephrology fellowship at Stanford University for advanced clinical and research training in kidney disease. Her area of interest is women's health with a focus on fertility, pregnancy, and contraception. She has authored research manuscripts, case reports, a book chapter and presented her research at numerous conferences including at the International Society of Nephrology Frontiers Meeting in Tokyo, Japan in 2018. Dr. Appiah has hosted and produced a health radio show and a community health podcast in order to expand her outreach to those seeking answers to health problems. In 2019, she developed the Ivie O. Appiah Medical Arts Institute that produced a short film about the kidney patient experience. The Institute is currently developing future projects in film and media.  Dr. Appiah was also featured on the cover of Women magazine where her story was showcased in the article "Queen for a Day" in the October 2019 issue. For Dr. Appiah, medicine is her ministry. Ultimately, she hopes to empower people to be their own health advocates.


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