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Jun 26, 2022

Blaine is a TEDx Speaker and leading authority in personal implementation and consistency. He is America’s only Chief Results Officer®. 


He’s a habit master with documented streaks of over 1500 days in a row and counting! As a top LinkedIn Connector, he has over 26,000 1st-level connections.


Blaine graduated from Purdue University and Stanford University’s Social Entrepreneurship Program. He is powered by Selfluence, a personal development and training company. 


He is excited to share with you ways to take control of your life by taking control of yourself.


Learn more about Blaine here:

Guest Bio:


Blaine Oelkers is, America’s only Chief Results Officer®.  He’s always loved to help people get results and knows which habits bring success and results, how to create them instantly, and stick with them for a lifetime. 


More about Blaine:

- A leading authority in Personal Implementation & Consistency

- Habit Master with a documented streak of 1500 days in a row and counting!

- A TEDx Speaker with over 200,000 views

- A LinkedIn Top Connector – over 26,000 first-level connections (1.7 Million 2nd level, 786 Million 3rd level)

- Lifetime Work-from-Home Entrepreneur

- Graduate of Purdue University & Stanford University’s Social Entrepreneurship Program

- Co-Author of 3 Books & frequent podcast guest

- Oversees over 20,000 weekly personal implementation check-ins per year



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