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Jul 24, 2022

This guest literally went from walking just 10 feet assisted with a cane to climbing mountains.  Meet Michael Harris an entrepreneur with a passion for yoga, helping authors/speakers/entrepreneurs, and a firm believer in taking action with the law of attraction to find success in life.


Michael walks us (no pun intended) through some pretty significant health issues which ultimately left him unable to walk more than 10 feet assisted with a cane.  His journey, a hero’s journey really, is incredible and as he shares, you are right there with him!


Michael imparted some advice to all of the listeners:

-Never give up.

-Don’t worry about it.

-Forget about it.

-Keep moving forward.

-Practice the law of attraction and the law of GOYA because they work together.


Listen to the podcast to catch the nuggets that are the background of this advice!

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Guest Bio: I’m an author, coach, trainer, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Endless Stages.  My first entrepreneurial gig was selling blackberry pies door to door when I was six. Over the years, I’ve dabbled (more like dived) into photography, real estate, options trading, coaching, and yoga. 


One of my specialties is helping anyone move from fear of speaking in front of others to powerfully sharing their message in front of any size group or audience.  I’m grateful that I’ve been able to take my personal challenges and help others find what inspires them.


For years I struggled with health issues, addictions, and low self-esteem.  Then one day I had had enough and became willing to make a change. It wasn’t easy. I had to stop dreaming about what I wanted - and begin to take massive action by applying the Law of GOYA.  Many of my friends and colleagues urged me to use my metamorphosis to inspire others.


At one point, Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) reminded me that “your mess is your message.”  He went on to join the book launch of my #1 bestselling book, "Falling Down Getting UP.”  I’m blessed to have Rick Frishman and David Hancock (Morgan James Publishing) be my publishers.


I've owned (or partnered) in several successful yoga studios - and coached other studio owners worldwide on attracting and enrolling new students - while increasing revenue and profits (over $40 million in sales).  In addition, I’ve helped train and certify about 7,000 yoga teachers to get untwisted and speak in small and large groups.


Previously, I hosted my own successful podcast "Falling Up Secrets", which featured guests such as the World Renowned Les Brown, the Legendary Composer & Producer Thomas Bähler, sought-after Pain Specialist Dr. David Clark, and many others. This podcast had about 1,000 views/downloads a day.


As a result of coaching, podcasting, speaking, and teaching yoga, I’ve realized how important (especially in today’s world) it is to encourage, nudge and prod others to dive deep within and open up to talk about their experiences to anyone that is willing to listen.


I have a saying,

“one more open heart in the world,

is one more open heart in the world.”



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