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Jul 14, 2019

Bethany Braman is a mother of 5 amazing cherubs, ER nurse, athlete, and humanitarian who speaks boldly about her fears on this week's episode. She shares how she overcame fear early in her career as an ER nurse and how she is currently dealing with fear now. 

Currently, Bethany is facing fear by training for the Detroit Marathon and concurrently raising money for a worthy cause (human trafficking awareness). Please support her crowdwise and this cause. 

She also shares about her new passion for photography and the mentors she has encountered along the way. 

Ashley Ann at SnapShop Online (Subscription based photo school, great blog, active on Instagram, Bethany's first photography instructor)
Nancy at Ordinary Miracles Photography (Incredible personalized feedback--Bethany has taken all her classes)
Heather Robinson #aweekofmama starts Monday, July 15
More information on human trafficking - fact sheet: