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Jan 30, 2022

As a serial entrepreneur, podcaster, and cofounder of, an innovative and interactive podcast app, Sean Li is no stranger to facing fear.


Growing up with teacher parents, Sean was exposed to reading some of the most well-known personal development books, such as Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Stop...

Jan 23, 2022

Two Emergency Medicine Physicians talk burnout and real estate investing!  


Dr. Ronnie Shalev went into Emergency Medicine all fired up for the thrill of not knowing what to expect next, despite her father’s warning that as a physician too, Emergency Medicine is known for burnout.


And that’s exactly...

Jan 16, 2022

Martin Salama is known as the Architect of The Warriors L.I.F.E. Code. He specializes in helping people frustrated in their life quickly shift their mindset to UNCOVER their greatness so they can live their true potential and enjoy LIFE! 


An example of what he’s achieved is a client like Roberta, who lost her...

Jan 9, 2022

Dr. Jennifer Roelands is an integrative medicine trained OB/GYN with over a decade of women's health experience. She is the CEO and founder of Well Woman MD, a clinic dedicated to a holistic, whole-body approach to care by using nutrition, lifestyle, and cutting-edge testing.


She is also the host of Ignite Your...

Jan 2, 2022

This time of year is filled with resolutions but I’ve found something that works even better.  I challenge you to implement it this year.


For me, it’s fearlessly free and formidable. 


When planning your year have you thought about the fears you will purposely face? Does it make you a little uncomfortable...