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Jun 28, 2020

After hanging out his shingle in a small town on the Pickney Bend of the Missouri River in 1994, Dr. Tom Davis MD FAAFP and his partners leveraged one of the country’s first total-risk Medicare Advantage contracts into a regional health system which they eventually sold for $132m. After four years as an

Jun 21, 2020

Spontaneity is the spice of life. This episode was recorded live on the Fearless Freedom with Dr. G Facekbook page. How did introspection and personal development lead to starting the podcast? Listen to hear the story.

F in fear can represent facilitating recognition of fear. 

In facing my fear of public speaking, the...

Jun 14, 2020

You never know the path that life will take you. When we open up to opportunity, life brings many gifts. Two Jamaican female physician podcasters sit and chat about fear, facing fear, and making a difference.

Dr. Jay-Sheree Allen is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician in Minnesota who completed her residency...

Jun 7, 2020

With everything that is happening right now, with the awakening of the sleeping giant that is institutional racism, we cannot be silent.

It is imperative to speak up. To support anti-racist organizations. To listen and educate ourselves actively. 

There is a lot to unpack from the egregious scene that symbolizes the sum...