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May 8, 2022

Getting on video, for many, is facing a fear of public speaking, but amplified, since video is long-lasting



Suzanne Glover, has been a professional actress for over 35 years and helps others with strategies for making great videos and building connections through the camera.  


Over the last couple of years, so much of our in-person gatherings have shifted to online.  Then there’s social media with video.  Learning the best practices of being on camera is an important skillset to have now.  


And if you are promoting anything on social media, it’s not all about making videos for the sake of making videos.  There is a lot more that goes into it.  Quantity does not equal quality!


Suzanne shared how she has arrived where she is in life now and some of the big lessons she learned along the way.  She also shares some great tips so everyone can take advantage of the video medium with improved skills right away.


As a special treat for the Fearless Freedom tribe, Suzanne is offering up her eBook.


Get your free copy of Suzanne’s book Be a Video Influencer - Reinvent Your Life and Your Business as a Mid-Life Movie Star here:

Guest Bio:

As a professional actress for over 35 years, Suzanne has learned camera strategies that have gained her recognition in the field with award winning work.  She has been in the top percentage of earners in the Screen Actors Guild, taught for the Guild, and successfully taught these strategies to entrepreneurs like you so they know how to connect through the camera and sell successfully in the new virtual world.


As a sales professional for over 20 years, Suzanne has been a top producer selling the tough stuff — the intangibles like “fame” [modeling and acting services]... “vacation” [timeshare]... and “love” [matchmaking services].  She's gotten prospects to happily hand over thousands of dollars in the first, short meeting together… without high pressure tactics or cancellations.


And, as an internet marketer for over 20 years, Suzanne's learned how complicated the online world can be and has found ways to simplify it for you.


Plus, she’s been through the midlife years where she had to keep her business going while she had elderly parent emergencies and menopause meltdowns.  Now she’s on the other side and teaching others to not only embrace midlife, but excel and learn how to turn the clock back on aging too!


She has taken these areas of her life and condensed them into her current business where she helps you leverage her experience and cut your learning curve way down so you can make video a key part of your business quickly.


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