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Feb 2, 2020

No episode last week. I missed a week for a good reason! My family and I were unplugged for a whole week while on vacation. We were having a blast on the Disney Fantasy and enjoying our Disney Star Wars Day at Sea themed cruise. 

(FYI. I am not an affiliate for Disney by the way.)

We are just DCL fans. 

While onboard the ship I had limited data and was unable to upload a podcast episode, so I decided to record this week's episode from our veranda on the ship. In the background, you will hear the hum of the ocean and hopefully, my words will take you there with me. Enjoy!

I continue to work on facing my fear of public speaking and tackling my new fear surrounding the release of my upcoming Podcast Creator Course for Professional Women. Currently, my business coach and virtual assistant and I are working diligently to make this inaugural course amazing for you. Because the whole point of me doing this in order for you to win!