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Nov 1, 2020

Melainie Rogers is a certified eating disorder registered dietician and supervisor and has worked with people of all ages and genders. Her main focus is always the client and she always puts her patients before her bottom line. As someone who’s recovered from an eating disorder herself, she knows what it’s like to face the stigma, the pain, and the struggle. She recently launched and published Redefining Wellness: The Ultimate Diet-Free Guide, a free ebook that contains contributions from 150 eating disorder and mental health experts. 




This Tuesday is the election! Please vote! As citizens of the US, we have the right to vote. For many, that right has come with great sacrifice by those who preceded us. This is an opportunity to exercise your right. Please vote. Every vote does count and you can make a difference. Several physician podcasters are spreading the word about getting out and voting in these weeks. Dropped my ballot off at the clerk’s office already!


***Great News!!!!!***

Thanks to YOU, we crushed the 17000 downloads milestone!!! And, get this, we are on our way to 18000 downloads!!!!!

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I am also looking for feedback on what kind of swag I should get for the podcast. What would you like to have in our tribe’s swag store? So far, I have tech swag like blue blockers, jump drives, earphones, masks, stickers, water bottles. 


Thanks in advance for your great ideas!



Podcasts from the Podcasting Launch Course are starting to come out!

The amazing women in the course have created incredible content and shows that are pure fire!


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The Single Well Podcast (Formerly Pivot & Bloom)


The Drama-Free Workplace with Patti Perez


Living at Your Finest




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