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Aug 8, 2021

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Although I was born in Jamaica, I spent most of my life in the United States.  Michigan is where my family and I have called home for many years now.  Our cherubs were homeschooled there, my husband had his work, and I had mine taking on the night shift in the Emergency Department.  


Then one day we woke up and moved to Guam.


Okay, it’s not like that at all.  We didn’t just wake up and move but that whole process went by so quickly from just looking at options to actually waking up in Guam, that it is a little surreal.  


And it’s fantastic.  So amazingly fantastic for me, my husband, our 3 cherubs, and both of our moms.


In earlier episodes, you’ll find the backstory leading up to the move.  


In Episode 113, I said goodbye to Michigan:


In Episode 114, I made the big reveal of location for #bigadventure2021:


In Episode 115, I came to you live from Guam for the first time:


Now, I’m diving into the questions posed by the Fearless Freedom with Dr. G podcast listeners.  People are asking, “what’s life like in Guam”, “how are the children adjusting”, etc.  There have been SO MANY great questions come in!


I’m excited to share more of my life “behind the scenes” with all of you.


Here’s the first iteration of Life in Guam… there’s sure to be more!


Hello again Fearless Freedom Tribe!  I’m really excited to be sharing my answers to YOUR questions about my life in Guam.  

Thank you for being here with me, for listening, subscribing, and sharing the podcast with your friends.  You really are helping make this podcast a success!  


My passion for podcasting was unexpected.  As I approach 3 years of podcasting, I find the joy of podcasting is still filling my cup.  Last year, I took that to the next level by teaching others how to get started podcasting.


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Ignite Your PowHer



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Get off the fear fence today. Your tribe is waiting to hear your voice!