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Sep 6, 2020

Julie Scott is a “Feel Good Junkie”, Life Coach, Author, Speaker, and founder of It’s About Time Baby! Coaching. As a recovering People Pleaser, Julie is passionate about helping other selflessly, overwhelmed, people-pleasing women to radiate anew with Energy, Confidence, and Strength so they can finally FEEL GOOD doing what they want, release weight, and get healthy while designing a life they truly love – without the guilt!

In her book “This Time It’s About You!” Julie shares her own journey of waking up in her forties to a lukewarm life and an overwhelming feeling of “Is this all there is?” She took a magnifying glass to her life to identify old limiting “No I Can’t” beliefs and shares how she’s replaced them with powerful “Yes I Can!” beliefs to finally put herself FIRST in life and she’s been living her best life ever since!

Julie is all about embracing the aging process with optimism, vitality, and excitement. As a gift to herself for turning 50, Julie entered her first Bikini Body Competition – her way of giving 50 the proverbial finger! Then at 51, she entered a second competition – this time taking home 1 st place in her division.

Julie offers workshops, group coaching as well as 1 on 1 coaching services. See the website for details and updates.

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