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Feb 19, 2023

Cooper Gillespie is a manifestation and spiritual business mentor.  She empowers others to create their dream lives and certifies people in her method for total life transformation, The Becoming Infinite™ Method. 


She admits to living unconsciously for the first 33 years of her life while battling depression and a panic disorder. Cooper felt stuck and had no hope for a better life.  Then she started working on personal development, really embracing other healing modalities such as NLP, hypnosis, EFT, meditation and breathwork, Kundalini yoga, and Reiki.


As Cooper was learning and growing in these areas, she was moved to share her newfound passion for life with others.  She was able to harness her inner power to create her dream life and it made sense to her to pass on this wisdom and knowledge to others.


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Guest Bio:

Cooper Gillespie is a spiritual business and manifestation mentor who empowers people to create more abundance and freedom so they can live lives they can't wait to wake up to. 

Cooper has devoted the last 15 years to studying human behavior and how to expand human potential. She is always exploring the question, “What makes successful people tick?”

Her transformational certification program, the Becoming Infinite Method, trains the next generation of lightworkers to harness the power they were born with so they can heal themselves and their clients. 

She believes when people are empowered to live their most expansive and inspired lives, they create a ripple of light that encourages others to do the same.

In her spare time, she really enjoys playing music and traveling.



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