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Jan 23, 2022

Two Emergency Medicine Physicians talk burnout and real estate investing!  


Dr. Ronnie Shalev went into Emergency Medicine all fired up for the thrill of not knowing what to expect next, despite her father’s warning that as a physician too, Emergency Medicine is known for burnout.


And that’s exactly what happened.  Dr. Shalev found herself burning out and looking for a way to still utilize her training to help others but just no longer at the bedside.


She ventured into the medical device business and generating income through real estate investing.  Although investing in real estate may sound complicated and perhaps a great risk for your financial future, Ronnie breaks it down into simple steps and explains how to get involved utilizing your 401K.

Learn more about Ronnie and how you can get started in real estate investments here:


Hello Fearless Freedom tribe!  I had such a great time connecting with a fellow Emergency Medicine Physician in this podcast episode.  I am excited to be able to share the real estate investing opportunity with you.  Definitely reach out to Ronnie if you have any questions!


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Dr. Jennifer Roelands is an OB/GYN and trained in integrative medicine.  I’m so honored that Dr. Jen took the Podcasting Launch Course for Professionals with me and brought this amazingly resourceful podcast to the airwaves. 

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