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Aug 28, 2022

Steven Lentz spent many years with the fire department waiting to get on full time.  His dreams of a long career were cut short by budget cutbacks.  Thankfully he was able to get on with another department but again, financial constraints hit and he lost what he thought would be a secure, long-term position.


This sent Steven into other avenues to make ends meet and his entrepreneurial path presented itself.  As anyone who is an entrepreneur knows, this is not an easy path!


Steven was getting his footing in the marketing industry when the fire department asked him to return.  He was happy to do so, but found that since he had left, his life priorities had shifted and he no longer wanted to stay in that career long term.  He was building up his marketing business when he found out he had a decision to make that had him step away from firefighting completely even though he wasn’t ready to take the marketing full time.  


Well, ready or not, here he comes!  Steven shares his experiences and how he faced the adversities of losing his position with a fire department not once, but three times!  Now, Steven spends his time helping his clients get on the first page of Google.


So many great pearls in this episode!


Learn more about Steven and his digital marketing agency here:

Guest Bio:

Steven Lentz spent over 10 years as a firefighter and is now a digital marketer. Steven helps his clients get seen organically on the first page of Google, and brings them additional credibility by having articles published on sites like Yahoo! Bloomberg, and Google News about his clients, giving them the edge over their competition. Steven is also married with 2 children, and they are his world.


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