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Aug 7, 2022

This week’s episode comes to you live from Bali where we are on vacation!  As a family that loves to travel, we are so grateful for destinations opening their doors to visitors again.  And let me tell you, Bali is an incredible place to visit with such an interesting culture.  


We enjoyed our time in Bali.  The cherubs faced some fears.  We did some fun family activities and we experienced the delicious Balinese Cuisine.  


Learn about our 3 rules that we follow when on vacation.

Who is Dr. G?:

Dr. Charmaine Gregory (Dr. G) is a wife, mom to 3 cherubs, and a burnout survivor.  She’s an Emergency Medicine Physician and a serial entrepreneur with a weekly podcast, a course on starting a podcast, done for you services for podcasters, as well as a speaker and author of several books. 


As a physician, Dr. Gregory has exclusively worked the night shifts, both in Michigan and now in Guam.  


To face her visceral fear of public speaking, Dr. G started a podcast, Fearless Freedom with Dr. G, which focuses on facing fear and emerging victoriously.


To expand further into her appreciation for podcasting and the positive impact podcasts can have in the lives of listeners, she began teaching others how to get started with their shows through her podcasting course.  She has also developed done-for-you podcasting services.


Dr. G has faced another fear by diving into learning more about financial trading and working on building her financial future of freedom. 


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