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May 12, 2019

Dr. Sharon McLaughlin is board certified in plastic surgery. She has an interest in green living and reducing chemicals in our life. She also helps inspire women to build their businesses and work on personal growth. You can learn more at

Are you an entrepreneurial mom just starting or have you been spinning your wheels? Contact Dr. McLaughlin for a consultation and right your ship. Work smarter not harder.

Episode Take Home Points:

1) Intrinsic resilience (innate ability to bounce back in the face of adversity) is different for everyone

2) Sometimes you have to be like Nike and "Just Do It" when it comes to facing fear and righting your ship

3) You are not alone (do you notice that this is a recurrent theme?) Seek out your tribe and support circle

4) Failure is inevitable. Look at failure, not as an endpoint for a learning opportunity