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Nov 29, 2020

Dee is a CPA and Finance Instructor at UCLA. She is also the Founder of Kids Money Academy, an organization and financial literacy movement that helps parents raise money-savvy kids.


Kids Money Academy shows parents HOW to have positive conversations about financial literacy with their children beginning from age 4 to 18 years old. Through the Positive Money Loop™ framework, parents learn how to provide financial education and give their children the control to make their own money decisions. This way, children can see the impact of their choices and continue to receive positive reinforcement for establishing healthy financial habits for a lifetime.


The mission of Kids Money Academy is to reach as many parents and kids as possible from all walks of life to create an abundance money mindset and legacy for wealth.


Dee immigrated to the United States by herself at the age of 23 years old. She endured and overcame language barriers and many personal challenges to create a thriving career and financial success. Now she is a wife, CPA, and mom of two who is passionate about helping other parents raise happy and money savvy children.


Dee’s passion for education and children extends to international philanthropic endeavors. In 2018, she raised $25K in 8 months for Pencils of Promise, an organization that builds new schools within the Volta Region of Ghana, Africa. Dee’s contribution enabled the Hohoe Bethel Methodist Primary School to be built and will impact an estimated 931 students who now have access to a new, six-classroom school.

Celebration Time, Come On! (Cue the band, Kool and the Gang that is)


Who is with me? Am I dating myself? 


Regardless, let’s celebrate all the wins!


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This is episode 101.


101 times we have gathered together to face fear and emerge victoriously


101 times you have participated in our awesome Fearless Freedom Tribe


101 times and opportunities for me to say thank you and express my gratitude to you for joining me on this journey to your greatness


101 times you contributed to the show the 18000 downloads milestone and nearing the corner to 19000 downloads!!!!!


Thank you for your help in making this podcast a success!!! [Insert happy dance emoji]


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I designed our first stickers for the swag shop. Thanks for being a part of this amazing tribe!

Thanks in advance for your great ideas!




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