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Aug 25, 2019

Cherilyn Tuz provides business management and administrative assistant services virtually.  In fact, she works on my team to help bring my podcast to you every week.  

She's a wife and mom of 2 teens and practically a mind-reader when she works with you in your business.  

Cherilyn, aka Cher, shares her journey in career changes and the fears she faced in shifting from one of her passions (health) into another of her passions (business).  She originally started in business management in her father's business in automotive parts, then moved on to manage a medical clinic.  After 17 years in the medical clinic, her career there ended and she had to find her purpose again.

She found it in holistic health coaching.  Or so she thought.  

Then ended up providing business management and administrative assistance virtually.

Cher dropped several truth bombs in this episode.  

She may be "behind the scenes" on this team, but she plays an important role.

In addition to her talents of being organized, writing copy, and doing just everything, she's also able to hop on a podcast at a moment's notice and kill it.