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May 24, 2020

Brian T. Bradley, Esq. is an Asset Protection Attorney for High-Risk Professionals (e.g, Doctors and Investors) and high net-worth families.  On the podcast, he talks about Asset Protection for doctors. Specifically, he talks about the risk doctors face beyond just malpractice and ways to structure our lives to decrease that stress, protect assets from modern threats, and have peace of mind. This goes beyond LLCs and Malpractice Insurance. This is higher-level asset protection that works. Also the legal risk and future lawsuits of COVID-19 and how to prepare for it. 

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Dr. G's Facing Fear Progress Report:

Yesterday at 11 am EST I faced my fear of public speaking by doing just that! It was an honor to deliver the talk to kick off the SMART Wellness Retreat. You can watch my talk, Turn FEAR into Fuel on the SMART Wellness FB page:

Check out my talk and the fabulous talks from the event on the SMART Wellness Retreat FB page.


Are you looking for a way to speak to your tribe and amplify your brand? You should get your podcast up and running. You missed this class of the Podcasting Launch course but you can still watch the Podcasting Masterclass here:


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